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Monday, August 9, 2010

Will November Voters Be Angry or Apathetic?

Common political wisdom says that Republicans should see a large swing in their direction nationwide this November. Simply in rebuke. A display of anger. But here's the problem with this theory:

Summer primaries across the country have been experiencing pretty low voter turnouts.

Why? Because the swing theory only works when voters have time to forget the other party sucks, too. And it still "feels" like Republicans were just in power a moment ago. So, even uninformed voters aren't going to automatically jump in support of any candidate preaching the "small government" gospel. Because these are the exact same candidates who didn't deliver on that message when they were in charge.

Voters are looking to jump behind an alternative. The problem is that the only people running are the ones who don't know how to be anything other than what they think we want them to be.

And I'm worried that we're going to see a large spike in new disenfranchised voters. A sea of apathy. And perhaps every future libertarian has to start there. But our goal is to turn these people into optimists. Let them know that not only is there a better way, but give them hope that we're going to get there.

And what we need is a face behind these ideas. A body behind the message. And ideally one under 70 years old. But, I'm waiting to see what he or she looks like, too.

By: Eric Olsen, Regular Columnist
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