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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resentment Toward Government and the Democratization of Media

Resentment toward government"Resentment toward government" -that's the search term that alternate media source encouraged its users to start searching en masse Thursday in order to push the term to the top of Google's trends page.

The goal was to draw attention to a recent article on InfoWars, reporting that over a hundred law enforcement personnel and federal agents gathered at Hilbert College in Hamburg, New York to attend a presentation on new biometric computer technology that developers claim can detect signs of resentment toward government in the decibels and crescendos of telephone users.

The man behind is Alex Jones, a radio show host and conspiracy theorist whose beliefs and methods I have strongly criticized here in the past, criticisms I still stand by today. Accordingly, I am not a regular reader of his websites, but when I see an InfoWars article from time to time like today, I am careful to fact check it because I believe most 9-11 Truthers are pretty gullible people.

Having done that today, I'd say the InfoWars piece on resentment toward government passes muster as far as it quotes a reputable newspaper for its source. Does the new technology scare me? Not really. All any federal agent needs to do is read this blog to find out that I have a lot of resentment toward government. Hi, Janet!

Seriously. I have a whole lot of resentment toward government. Why? For being so stupid, for being so incredibly head-up-the-ass stupid with so many trillions of dollars of other people's money, with so many millions of people's lives and futures, with so much blood and treasure. I think that's a pretty valid reason to harbor resentment toward government.

And by the way- that's why most 9-11 Truthers like Alex Jones and the readers of are awfully gullible- because there's just no way that a government as stupid as ours could possibly have pulled off something like 9-11, much less covered its tracks so well that only Alex Jones and Rosie O'freaking Donnell would question what everybody else saw that day.

But I think the most interesting angle here is Alex Jones' clever method of bringing attention to his resentment toward government story, which was to encourage his listeners and readers to search "resentment toward government" on Google so many times that it would get pushed to the top of Google's search trends page.

That is some clever viral marketing and another example of the "democratization of media." Alternate news sources with a good story and some creativity can get their ideas out to the rest of us in a way that simply was not possible before the Internet. So while Jones and I may have our differences, I've got to hand it to him for a well-executed effort to get out his story. Gotta love the Internet.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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