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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: What Conservative Intellectuals Wanted Palin to Be?

I remember when I heard the rumors that Sarah Palin was going to be announced as John McCain's Vice President. This was at a time in the election cycle when I had already resigned myself to "hope."

And let me tell you, for maybe two hours, I was downright giddy. I knew very little about Palin, besides boilerplate information on her being a supposed anti-big government force. A friend had told me about her months ago, and claimed her as McCain's best chance. He really liked her, and I respected his opinion. Then I saw some pictures of her that afternoon. And the giddiness came on full fledge.

And then she spoke.

So, when Christine O'Donnell came roaring into the GOP spotlight last month, I was leery. The cynic in me now prejudices attractive female conservatives in the same way the world prejudices attractive females in general - too often as mindless. And then, she shocked the establishment and Republican frontrunner by winning the primary for the open Senate seat in Delaware due to her supposed appeal among tea partiers.

I became slightly more interested. Then, while watching Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, I saw him claiming that he has a decade of video clips of Ms. O'Donnell as a commentator on his show. I grimaced, thinking he must have some really horrible stuff based on the way he spoke about it. His first two "damning" clips were her warning students about the harms of masturbation, and that she regrets getting involved in witchcraft when she was younger.

Now, while these clips may appear damning to atheists (from her both assuming a theistic worldview and morality), I don't believe those clips would actually paint her as foolish to the average person. And she was very, dare I say, eloquent, on Maher's show. I started to turn around. I caught myself getting a thimble-full of giddy in my step. A future up-and-comer in the GOP perhaps?

And then Maher got me by playing O'Donnell's loud and angry "Evolution is a myth!" tirade. Ooh, you almost had it, Christine. In your defense, that clip was from '98. My views on evolution have changed since then as well. But, I didn't have a driver's license back then. And hadn't taken biology.

I want a thinker. I want a speaker. I want a looker. And I'm back looking for a hero once again.

By: Eric Olsen, Regular Columnist
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