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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rand Paul Raises Over $400,000 Online in Two-Day "Money Bomb" -Media Ignores

One month before the November mid-term elections, U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul of Kentucky raised over $400,000 from grassroots supporters in an online "money bomb" -two days of massive online fund raising.

Where is the mainstream media? Ignoring Rand Paul's success (per usual). I decided to make my rounds on a few mainstream news outlets this afternoon to see who was covering Rand Paul's incredible fund raising feat. Here's what I got:

1:21 pm Huffington Post - Nothing - Also Nothing

1:22 pm Fox News - Nothing - Also Nothing

1:23 pm Salon - Nothing - Nothing

1:27 pm GQ - Nothing -Nothing

1:28 pm CNN - Nothing -Nothing

Unbelievable right? Actually, no- never mind- it's quite believable, because they did this to his dad and they do this to any candidate who is genuinely in favor of real change in this country.

If you'll remember with me, GQ was the one that published a completely unsubstantiated and bizarre story by an unidentified woman earlier this summer that during his college days Rand Paul had kidnapped her, forced her to smoke pot, and then made her worship "his god" Aqua Buddha.

If that was newsworthy, don't you think the actually true and quite remarkable story of Dr. Rand Paul's $400,000 fund raising feat might also be newsworthy? Well GQ doesn't. Neither does Salon, which repeated the tabloid-like Aqua Buddha story this summer and even included a (poorly) photo-shopped picture of Rand Paul holding a bong.

I think it's time to start calling the "mainstream" media what it really is- the tabloid media, more interested in unsubstantiated, fit-for-the-tabloid stories than it is in real news, especially real news that threatens the establishment corporations that own most of the media.

In the meantime, here at The Humble Libertarian, our hats are off to Dr. Rand Paul for his fund raising victory, and we wish him success in November's election against the establishment candidate.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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