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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ron Paul's 2012 Run DEPENDS on Rand Paul's 2010 Victory

If I had a Federal Reserve Note for every time someone said that Rand "wasn't libertarian enough" or that he "isn't like his dad" or that "they can't support him because of his rhetoric" I'd be a wealthy man. I know there are many here that have grown lukewarm on Rand for whatever reason. I am not going down the fruitless road of debating Rand's positions, what he may or may not have said, or where he stands on the issues, however I am here to explain a political reality that most of you probably have not realized.

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We are fighting two races at once. We are not only fighting a Senate race now, but we are fighting the 2012 Presidential race now too!!!

Ron's success in the 2012 Presidential race is DIRECTLY tied to Rand's success in 31 days.


Think it through.

Allow me to elaborate the possible scenarios:

Scenario 1- Rand loses. The media, liberals, Democrats, and even Republican establishment will declare that the liberty movement and tea parties are not viable and have no chance of electoral success. Rand is seen as the leader and if he fails then the symbolic victory of the statists will be crushing to any hope for 2012. If this happens then Ron might not even run in 2012 because it would be somewhat pointless for him to do so. Morale will be in the gutter, donors will turn cold, and enthusiasm will be largely nonexistent; not to mention the lack of momentum.

Scenario 2- Rand wins barely. Although victory is victory, a small margin of victory will then give the commentators and media an edge to fight against us in 2012. They will say that we just barely won, and that it was a fluke, or we just got lucky, or whatever. It'll still be an uphill battle in the fight for legitimacy and credibility. This also will not bode well for Rand when he has to fight for his seat again next time around in perhaps a less friendly political atmosphere.

Scenario 3- Rand wins in a large victory (Randslide). A mandate by the People will be undeniable and cannot be countered. This paves the way that our ideas are now mainstream, acceptable, and that Ron stands a good chance of winning in 2012. Think of it as leap frog. Rand run's on Ron's shoulders and wins. Then Ron runs on Rand's shoulders and wins. We will be unstoppable and perceived as unbeatable because momentum will be on our side.

There you have it -- those are the possible outcomes as I see it. If you are cold on Rand, realize you are hurting Ron's chance in 2012. A large victory for Rand paves the way and is even necessary for Ron's electoral success in 2012. Anything less makes it highly unlikely. The campaign needs money, it needs volunteers, it needs people on the ground. It needs door knockers, phone bankers, sign placers, etc. Will you come to KY in the final weeks of the campaign and help out? The realization that when you are campaigning for Rand you are also simultaneously campaigning for Ron to be President is critical.

The future of the Republic is in YOUR hands!
What will you do?

Matt Collins,
Regular Columnist, THL
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