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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Should Rand Paul temper his message?

Barely a month after his record-breaking "Randslide" victory in Kentucky's Republican Senate Primary, Rand Paul came to Washington DC for a fundraiser with his father, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Jim Bunning, the man whose U.S. Senate seat Paul would be vying for in November's general election.
As a Rand Paul supporter and a summer intern for a youth leadership organization in our nation's capital, I had the opportunity to attend the event- in fact I'm the "long-haired intern" Dave Weigel reported seeing at the event just a day before resigning his position at The Washington Post (though here I have to disclose that Mr. Weigel did slightly embellish my words to Senator Bunning when I shook his hand at the event).
The big scandal at the time was Rand Paul's acceptance of donations from certain Republican Party Senators, for which his detractors accused him of contradicting his earlier position of refusing to accept money from any Senator who voted for the TARP bailouts during the hard-fought Republican Primary against establishment favorite Trey Grayson.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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