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Monday, October 25, 2010

Remember: State Politicians Aren't Any Better Than Federal Ones

I attended the Nullify Now conference in Chattanooga this past Saturday the 23rd, and I learned all manner of 10th Amendment solutions to our problem of Federal tyranny. But I did detect something that made me uneasy- faith in politicians.

To quote Mike Rothfeld, "The politician is not your friend," regardless of what level of government they are working on. City, County, State, Metro, Federal, Global, Galactic, it does not matter which.

Now, when the new Federalism is achieved through nullification of any and all Federal actions not in line with Article I Sec 8 of the U.S. Constitution, we will still have a problem. Having made the Federal government's powers few and defined, the State government's powers will again be numerous and infinite just as our country was designed. However as libertarians, unlimited power for state governments is still not ok.

So what does that mean?
What are we to do then? Why we keep with our plan of nullification of course! Here's why:

State politicians are still scoundrels, but on a more localized level it takes far less resources and time to keep them in check by controlling their environment. My point here is that our fight does not stop when Federal tyranny is checked. After all the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, no matter how bright affairs seem. After all, for every Rep. Susan Lynn there is also a despicable Sen. Lowell Barron.

We will have our Nullification Revolution, yes, but don't think that the R3volution stops there. Indeed I have great faith that we will keep up the fight. As state politics becomes more of a driving force in this country the average person will begin to notice that local and state elections matter.

We will see more Tea Parties, Campaigns for Liberty, and other new kinds of organizations altogether directed to the local and state level. I don't anticipate people going home to their boob tubes when the battle appears to be done- no I see the People staying energized when the States have asserted their rights.

I would hope that we all will have learned that no member of the political class is our friend, nor any less of a threat to our liberty than another.

Eric Sharp
Regular Columnist, THL
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