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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Top 8 Reasons Horowitz Groupies Need to Get a Freaking Clue

Calvin Freiburger, a columnist over at David Horowitz's NewsRealBlog, recently published a piece organizing several specious and empty charges against Ron Paul into a list of "The Top 8 Reasons Ron Paul Is an Abomination Who Should Be Cast Out of Decent Society."

(Quick note to Calvin: Dude -- publishing lists on multiple pages is the most annoying publishing habit on the Internet ever.)

Notice to begin with, the totally disproportionate hyperbole of the title. While the author in his list accuses Ron Paul supporters of suffering from various derangements (e.g. against President Lincoln, or against the Jews) it is invective like that in his title which exemplifies the derangement that Horowitz types have for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's disagreements with them over foreign policy and history make him an "abomination" worthy only to be ostracized and exiled, despite his 20 year record as the taxpayer's best friend in Washington, an outspoken advocate for the Second Amendment, and a tireless sponsor of aggressive pro-life legislation.

Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes, to pass an unbalanced budget, or to raise congressional pay -- and he's never taken a government-paid junket. Despite his model conservatism on all these issues, the man is an "abomination" for daring to suggest that the same feckless Washington establishment which breeds more poverty with its misguided War on Poverty might just breed more terrorism with its War on Terrorism.

While they are ever-willing to compromise on some (or all) of their alleged conservative principles to support and defend men like George W. Bush and John McCain, neoconservatives will apparently never compromise in the other direction and support or defend someone like Congressman Paul, or even be willing to tolerate his existence in their version of a "decent society." Talk about derangement.

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Wes Messamore,
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