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Friday, October 1, 2010

United We Falter

Democracy is actually hard to get behind, if you think about it. It's an idea. And post-institution, no longer a super-effective rallying cry.

"It's your duty to vote."
"People suck. Politicians suck."
"Yeah, you're right."

In fact, now that democracy has evolved into the tyranny of the majority, I often find myself wallowing in pity against it. For democracy only works with a super well-informed populace. One that helps to limit dictatorial overreach, not assist in it.

After all, it's hard to stay united behind something that could lead to any of the full spectrum of political outcomes. But if we could get behind something homogeneous? If we could unite under one banner? If we could rally behind an unchanging cause?

Might that be freedom?

By: Eric Olsen, Regular Columnist
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