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Friday, December 31, 2010

Crushing Bastards: A New Libertarian Blog

A colleague of mine, John Logan Jones, whom I first met at the Young Americans for Liberty National Convention in Washington DC this summer, has started a new blog entitled Crushing Bastards and you should check it out.

He says on his about page:

'Today, the world is run by bastards. Most people in a position of power are there for their own benefit, or the benefit of powerful special interests. The bastards are in control and nobody is coming to save the Good People of Earth from their oppression. It is up to those of us who see this problem to do something about it...

To be clear, this blog’s purpose is not to encourage the ACTUAL, physical crushing of any bastards. Rather, it is to serve as a source of information to provide readers some of the information they may need to accomplish proverbial “crushing.” Exposing lies and hypocrisy is one VERY effective way to to crush bastards. This site exists as a way to empower the Good People of Earth to do something about these injustices. Together, we will crush the bastards.'

I challenge you to read that last sentence again without smiling.

Now I enjoyed talking to John this summer and we have stayed in touch since then, but I don't think he has ever told me what a badass he is. Check this out from his about page:

'My name is John Logan Jones and I hail from the state of Maine. From 2005 to 2009 I served as an Afghan-Pashto linguist and intelligence specialist in the US Air Force. During that time, I came face to face with the realization that the US Government was not the Constitutional Republic I learned about in government schools, but that it is, in fact, a modern empire ruled by special interests. Upon realizing this, I made the decision to leave military service to become an activist for individual liberty.'

Finally, I want to direct your attention to a logo design contest John has going on at Crushing Bastards. He can correct me if I'm wrong, but as of this posting, it looks to me like the contest is still open and the prize is a SILVER coin. Graphic designers have at it! Details here.

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