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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get Real: WikiLeaks is NOT an Inside Job

"On the web are blog posts and columns that attempt to link Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks organization to Israel, or to the Rothschilds, or to the CIA. WikiLeaks, these pieces insist, is a psy-op designed to somehow help bring about the New World Order, to bolster the power elite at the expense of the rest of us, to undermine (or enhance, depending on who you read) American power or Israeli influence."

The rest of this article defends WikiLeaks against the absurd notion that it's an "inside job" even though the author believes 9-11 was an inside job... so all the smears against WikiLeaks are too far out even for a Truther. (And PS: I happen to like this Truther despite our disagreements on 9-11 and have featured his other works here before. In our e-mail correspondence on the matter I have never discussed 9-11 truth with someone so civil and reasonable in his disagreement with me over it.)

Check out Glen Allport's piece here.

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