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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CPAC Giveaway Contest: T-shirt & Cash Prizes!

Now is the time to ACT: It is absolutely CRITICAL that we pack CPAC with as many students as possible this year and help Ron Paul win the presidential straw poll again. We need every last student we can get to show up because this year they're ready for us and will do everything they can to prevent last year's coup from happening again!

To that end I am offering some pretty sweet prizes for students who sign up to go to CPAC this February 10 - 12 in Washington DC. Through Campaign for Liberty's steeply discounted tickets, it only costs $11 for student tickets to attend CPAC and $89 for adult tickets.

Go to CPAC and you help THL raise funds: Young Americans for Liberty is offering cash incentives to recruiters for bringing students to CPAC. If you buy your discounted student ticket through Campaign for Liberty and use the promo code: HUMBLELIBERTARIAN, you will help raise funds for the operation, maintenance, and marketing of this website. YAL will write me a check for $100 if I get just THREE people to buy student tickets and use the promo code: HUMBLELIBERTARIAN. If I can raise an army of TEN students YAL will put $250 in my pocket. If TWENTY-FIVE students join me at CPAC and use my promo code to get there, YAL will drop $500 on The Humble Libertarian.


This is part of why I'm raising an army for CPAC. So I'm going to give the FIRST FOUR people who purchase their student ticket through CFL and use my promo code (HUMBLELIBERTARIAN) a t-shirt courtesy of Amagi Clothing. This IS NOT A DRAWING. If you're the first person to buy a student ticket using my promo code, you get a t-shirt. Second person? You get one too. And so will the third and fourth.

Here are the four t-shirts up for grabs: Two Liberty Starts Here t-shirts, one black Amagi Clothing t-shirt, and one kiwi green Amagi Clothing t-shirt.


Now should I meet any of the recruitment goals of 3, 10, or 25 listed above, and thereby score a nice check from Young Americans for Liberty, I'm going to split it 50/50 with one lucky winner. Anyone who uses my promo code to buy a student ticket will be put into a drawing to win 50% of any recruitment bonus I should win from YAL. Again this is conditional upon meeting one of these bonus requirements. So if you sign up and use my promo code, you have every incentive to sign up a friend and promote my giveaway, because the more people who sign up, the bigger the pot of money gets that you could win. I will use every last cent of the remaining 50% to promote THL- probably through pay-per-click advertising coupled with another promotional marketing campaign, but I'm not positive yet. I'll let you know when I do though.


You MUST visit this page on Campaign for Liberty's website; scroll to the bottom and register for a student ticket; use the promo code: HUMBLELIBERTARIAN; and forward me your e-mail confirmation from CFL that you have purchased a ticket (use my e-mail address: wemessamore -at- After confirming that you used my promo code, I'll need your mailing address to send you your prize. If you have any questions whatsoever about my contest or CPAC, e-mail me. I'd be glad to talk to you on the phone and help you make arrangements if you'd like to come, but feel overwhelmed about planning and finding a place to stay. There are plenty of inexpensive options in DC. Contact me. I'll help you out. We need to RAISE AN ARMY of youth liberty activists to attend this conference.

  • I will need a name and shipping address for winners so that my sponsor can ship you your prizes, and when I announce the winners on this blog, I will announce them by first name and state or city only unless I have your permission to use your full name.
  • If you win a prize, I will be contacting you at the e-mail address you use to forward me your CFL confirmation. So make sure it's a valid one that you check regularly.
  • I reserve the right to amend the terms of the contest as necessary. I'm sure that won't happen (and so far hasn't for the five contests I've run here), but it never hurts to say so in writing just in case. We live in that kind of world, sadly.


Thanks to Campaign for Liberty for providing discounted CPAC tickets to both students and adults! (What are you waiting for? Go buy that ticket and use the promo code HUMBLELIBERTARIAN!)

Thanks to Young Americans for Liberty and its generous donors for sponsoring students and incentivizing the raising of a student liberty army to storm CPAC and move conservatism in the right direction!

Finally, thank you to Amagi Clothing for offering these four awesome t-shirt prizes! Amagi Clothing's mission is to provide high-quality products with a simple message: personal freedom and individual liberty.Why "Amagi"? The Amagi symbol for liberty can be traced all the way back to the Sumerians 4,000 years ago. The symbol is Sumerian cuneiform and is the first symbol known to man to represent liberty.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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