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Monday, January 24, 2011

#MusicMonday - A Perfect Circle cover: Imagine

Today's Music Monday song is A Perfect Circle's cover of John Lennon's iconic piece, Imagine. I can't say I agree with everything Lennon is trying to say in the words to Imagine, but I like the spirit of genuine benevolence and the earnest desire to live in a peaceful world. I think Lennon is perhaps a bit confused in his tacit criticism of capitalism and not-so-tacit criticism of religion, but I submit that his confusion should be blamed squarely on those who have masqueraded as the best representatives of religion and capitalism, while in fact undermining both, and (possibly even to a greater degree) on those true representatives of each who sat silently by and allowed the impostors of both the spirit and the flesh to win by default without a fight.

So here it is, John Lennon's Imagine, covered by A Perfect Circle, and illustrated by a pretty fantastic video. Don't let the very creepy CGI baby who appears about the middle of the video and then pesters the viewer for the rest of the song bother you too much. I think it's an Arthur C. Clark reference, which is actually extremely fitting, clever, and poetic for this piece, but the visual execution of the reference is so poorly done that it distracts the viewer from the weightiness of the rest of the video. As I have done with the lyrics, I simply choose to focus on the good and leave the bad or the "in-poor-taste."


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