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Friday, February 25, 2011

Krugman’s Ideas on Deflation & Why He’s Really not a Knucklehead

"Far be it for me to argue economics with Paul Krugman. The man is extremely well-credentialed and has been published widely. Even if I don’t see eye to eye with him I don’t think he’s a knucklehead like many libertarians assert. Moreover, once we’re working inside of monopoly capitalism like we are now he very well may be right about how to manage its wackiness and the imperative of doing so. After all, the Keynesian foundational position is one which acknowledges the inherent instability of state capitalism as it needs the state’s anti-market power to substantially interfere in order to keep the system afloat.
The Austrian or libertarian position we hold though isn’t purely about the follies of central planning or maintaining state capitalism but also the injustice of doing so. We aren’t as concerned with how to keep state capitalism/corporatism afloat because its existence is an insult to a free people. We should be able to legally choose our own tender without threat of punishment for which currency we peacefully use. This true federation and competition between monies would go very far in protecting us from the volatility of the currency market, meddlesome bureaucrats and political whim."
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Ross Kenyon,
Assistant Editor, THL
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