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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CPAC Giveaway and Amagi T-shirts

Some of you may remember a CPAC contest earlier this year, and I just wanted to publicly thank the contest winners for bearing with me so patiently while I procrastinate in getting their prizes to them.We did in fact meet the first recruitment goal and got a nice check courtesy of the generous donors at Young Americans for Liberty. All that generosity and hard work paid off when Ron Paul won the straw poll.

I will be making arrangements to get out those t-shirts this week and doing a drawing to find out which contest entrant will get half of the recruitment bonus that Young Americans for Liberty paid out. I'll post all the results here at The Humble Libertarian by very early next week at the latest. In the meantime, I want to sincerely thank Amagi Clothing for helping us reach the recruitment bonus by offering its excellent t-shirts to the first four people that signed up.

This was an awesome collaboration between multiple organizations and their stakeholders to benefit everybody and be one small part of the overwhelming victory that Ron Paul scored for the movement for the second year in a row at CPAC this February. Please visit Amagi by clicking on their t-shirt below:

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