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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Jack Hunter Story

The Charleston City Paper has a fantastic piece up to honor Charleston radio host, columnist, and recent co-author of Rand Paul's new book The Tea Party Goes to Washington-- Jack Hunter. The article chronicles Jack's rise from a "shticky" radio show "super hero" named The Southern Avenger to a formidable pundit and commentator who writes for The American Conservative and other national outlets, appearing regularly on The Michael Savage Show and filling in regularly for Sirius radio's Mike Church.

Key to Hunter's success has been his keen wit, brilliant Southern sense of humor, and against-the-grain commentary that pleases genuine opponents of big government as much as it annoys partisan apologists for the status quo. I am proud to call Jack Hunter a role-model, mentor, and friend, and hope to follow in his footsteps. Congratulations for all your success, Jack! I'm still in the middle of your and Rand Paul's book, but will be writing a review as soon as I finish. Here's to the future of your career and to the success of the revolution, and look out- I'll be right behind you before you know it!

Read the Charleston City Paper's piece here.

Also, if you want Jack's advice on how to make it big as a libertarian political commentator, listen to my interview with him from exactly one year ago in March of 2010.

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