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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Leaving Washington DC, Visiting Paris

Well folks, my time in Washington is very quickly drawing to a close. I've had the most incredible month here going to conferences, visiting friends, seeing a good childhood friend of mine wed at a chapel in Arlington, and learning a lot about life in general. It's been a time of incredible personal upheaval and ups and downs that aren't really for here, but I want you to know that while I spent a month wandering and living in the shadows of monuments and buildings in a city that pretends to some great aura of moral ascendancy and legal power to regulate every facet of my life, the important things were my own personal life experiences and lessons, pursuing my own individual interests and happiness, and spending time laughing and contemplating with friends and loved ones.

Next stop: Paris. I'll be staying with a libertarian friend of mine, whose identity I'm not at liberty to divulge, but who has generously offered a spare bed and a high-speed Internet connection for my accommodation while learning French and hopefully parkour if I can find a traceur to teach me. Why? Because travel and learning abroad are essential to a fully developed sense of the world we live in if I mean to be an effective global or even merely national activist for liberty. John Adams and Ben Franklin spent some great time in France to procure help for the American War for Independence. Thomas Jefferson loved France deeply and identified with her own struggle for liberty. There's no telling what I may learn when I arrive. But if my last try at international travel is any indication (I visited India for two weeks in 2006), this will be one of the most important experiences in my life.

Here's just one quick snapshot from DC:

And here's all I'm taking to Paris with me:

And this is just because it makes me smile:

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