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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya and the Interventionists

Calling Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and other critics of a military intervention in Libya (not to mention Iraq and Afghanistan) "isolationist" would be like calling a high school prom king, president of his senior class, and editor on the yearbook staff, an introvert... because he never gets in any fights.

On both an individual and geopolitical level, violent conflict is not a necessary part-- and certainly not the only means-- of interacting with others, making friends, and being a leader. That anyone should even need to hear that clarification is a bewildering indictment of prevailing American attitudes toward global conflict and Washington foreign policy.

Certainly America should defend itself when threatened by foreign aggression, and should do so with decisive and overwhelming force, but it is an insult to our national sovereignty, liberty, and pride to allow our brave sons and daughters to be ordered into another country's civil war by unelected, non-American, foreign diplomats at a meeting in New York City.

It is not isolationist, and most certainly not unpatriotic to bristle at the U.N.'s appropriation and use of our nation's military as expendable fodder for their globalist agenda with the all-too-eager cooperation of a U.S. President whose credentials in terms of pursuing our national interests are questionable at best. It simply is not unpatriotic to say that American blood should not be spilled in foreign civil wars-- like that in Libya-- whose outcome has no effect on the safety of the American people.

The Rudy Giulianis of the world describe non-interventionists like Ron Paul as "the blame America first crowd," arguing that they blame American foreign policy for putting America at risk of terrorist attacks. But a more accurate label for Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan would be "the put America first crowd."

Non-interventionists want to put American interests first. Interventionists are willing to sacrifice American interests and blood for the sake of foreign interests- as well as political gain and/or personal profit. You decide which group is unpatriotic.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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