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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Austro-Libertarianism as a Honey Badger

In response to Helio Beltrao's excellent speech about the libertarian movement needing to be more like a starfish I offer a complementary suggestion. Yes, we must also be like the fearless African Honey Badger.

"The Honey Badger also has large wings. These are use to ascend into space and soak up the radiation it needs to survive. While in space they feed on dying planets and exploding stars. They eat snakes and reptiles for TV work to get the cash they need to feed their crack addiction."
(from a certain youtube comment about honey badgers)

Certainly honey badgers are the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom and are worth emulating, but how can we hope to achieve what the honey badger has achieved? Well, to draw from the infinite wisdom of Courage Wolf, "Impossible is just a word weak people use to justify giving up." Like the honey badger, we must never give in and when statism stares us in the eye and says, "Come now be reasonable, you don't want to cause a scene. Submit and go along with our plan."

We must as libertarians say, "I don't care, I'll rip apart your lies like a honey badger on a black mamba. I'll tear up your nest of deceit and eat your honey, I don't care how many times you sting me with words. I'm a libertarian honey badger, don't tread on me!"

Socialists and statists will insist loudly that cutting spending from here and there and eliminating this and that department will result in disaster. We can't fall for this sophistry, or even be slowed down for a moment. We must press forward with what must be done.

Besides being indefatigable, and always going after seemingly impossible goals, the honey badger is absolutely fearless. It fights and eats poisonous bees and snakes and has even been known to maim and kill fully grown lions that double-crossed them. I have been in many debates with socialists and statists, sometimes as many as 9 of them at once. Without flinching I refute each of their falsehoods one by one. People can often be intimidated by confrontational situations and "not want to make a scene." But don't be afraid to eloquently counter big-government "solutions," don't be afraid to take on lions.

As the honey badger is nearly continuously hunting and eating snakes, rats and bees, we must continually advance liberty with equal tenacity. Whether it is writing an article like this one, having a conversation, planning and executing a rally or giving a friend a copy of What Has Government Done to Our Money, advance the cause of freedom everyday and lead by example.

Eric Sharp,
Regular Columnist, THL
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