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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eric Dondero: Working damn hard to give the terrorists what they want

Today I got the most hilarious email from this website's new favorite neoconservative comment troll, Eric Dondero, regarding the story I covered yesterday about Miss USA, Susie Castillo's sexual assault by a TSA officer. Now if you haven't been following along, Eric broke up with me earlier this week for saying not all Muslims hate you. Now that we're ex-friends and business partners (I consulted with him on his blogging and designed a lot of his website some time ago), Eric's lobbing grenades.With a couple other bloggers CCed to his email taunt, Eric wrote:
Subject: Miss USA molested by TSA at Dallas airport


Girly Men on Fighting Islamo-Fascists will ignore the Muslim angle, and just report the TSA abuse. Because as we all know, "there's no threat to America from Radical Islam... It's just blowback... the Muslims hate us cause we've got Troops in their lands... has nothing to do with their hatred for who we are as a people and our culture.. laddy-daddy-di-daddy-di-dah!

Okay, Eric. I'll bite. I'm not going to ignore the role of radical Islam in all of this. I'm going to publicly answer your email so that you know I'm willing to address this subject for all my readers to see. You can't say I hid from it or was unwilling to address it.

Here's what I wrote in an email reply to Eric, readers:

Oh there's an "Islamo-Fascist" angle to it alright, Mr. Dondero. They want to destroy us, but knowing that we are a vastly superior enemy by numbers, wealth, technology, and military power, they have only one way to destroy everything great about our country-- which is to terrorize us (that's why we call them terrorists) into destroying ourselves from the inside out with fascist police state measures like the TSA and with unsustainable, unaffordable, and un-American military commitments to open-ended occupation of other countries.

I will not at all ignore the terrorist angle on this issue. In fact, I will insist, Mr. Dondero, that you cease supporting policies that the terrorists are hoping they can terrorize you into supporting. "Girly Men" get scared of the terrorists and hand in their freedoms, their money, and their dignity-- and that of their families and future generations-- freedoms that their ancestors fought and died for, money that they worked hard for, and dignity graciously bestowed upon those who are worthy of it by God Almighty. Girly Men give up all that in order to feel safe... and maybe to get more hits on their blog... I don't know. Brave men and women will stand up and say:

"I am not afraid. I will not be terrorized. I will not give up my God-given liberties. I will oppose committing America's hard-earned wealth and its bravest young men and women to fighting foreign civil wars. I will not do what you terrorists expect me to do. I am so much stronger and more resilient than you thought. You underestimated us. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is America, and America it will remain long after your radicalism and bigotry has died out with you."

Eric, if the terrorists hate us for our freedoms, are you hoping they'll leave us alone after we've given up all our freedoms? In the 2008 presidential debate, Ron Paul was accused of wanting to "take our marching orders from Al-Qaeda" for supporting an end to our military occupations in Central Asia. He answered that we should take our marching orders from the Constitution. He was right, and he should have added that it is those neoconservatives who support the post-911 policies of an ever-expanding police state and military-industrial complex who are giving the terrorists exactly what they want.

If you want to make Islamic terrorism an issue here, we can damn sure make it an issue, Eric. I'd love to keep making it an issue. Bring it on.

Wes Messamore

PS: Look out for this exchange at The Humble Libertarian today.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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