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Monday, April 18, 2011

Genuine Praise for "Feeling You Up..."

Last week I released an anti-TSA rap song entitled "Feeling You Up So You Feel Safe." I've gotten a lot of positive comments and reviews, so I thought I'd post a few things people have been saying. It's not bragging if it's stuff other people said, right?

"Well, yeah... it was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be when you asked if I wanted to listen to a rap song you made." -My best friend, Gary June

"I'm with Gary... far better than I had initially expected/feared." -My best friend, Steve June

[Always good to know your friends are there to give you the most backhanded of all possible compliments, lol]

"Through the wonders of modern science, rapper EMINEM has given birth to Weird Al Yankovic's child. Aged to 24 years and the result.....MESSYLOVE!!" -Andrew, of Georgia

[If you had told 14 year old me that 24 year old me would be described as the lovechild of Weird Al and Eminem, 14 year old me would have really looked forward to becoming 24 year old me, and if you don't believe me, ask the Brothers June referenced above, who both knew 14 year old me]

"I so badly want this to go viral so you'll get invited onto the ellen show and conan show..." -Allie, my best friend's wife, and also my best friend whom I love as if she were my own sister. She's the most wonderful person and talented vocalist I've ever met and I'm lucky to know her! I am so fortunate to be graced with her friendship and count the days until I get to visit her and her husband Gary again.

"Oh, you are a certified nutjob! This video is friggin' Great!!!!!! Dude, tell your girlfriend she's a lucky gal. Not only are you a good lookin' dude, but intensly creative, as well." -Eric Dondero,

[Lol, Eric- joke's on my girlfriend... because she doesn't exist!]

"POSITIVELY BRILLIANT WES! I'm gonna repost on my blog... Peeps, make this go VIRAL." -LibertarianAdvocate


"I love this! Thank you so much for putting your anti-TSA message in such a fun form. I will keep fighting until these disgusting tyrant traitors are safely locked up and can't sexually abuse us ever again. You're on the right track and I am with you."
-Aris, from the Internet.

yessss wessss. loved the video. -Carolyn, from Virginia

OMGOSH! -Nathan, from Virginia

YOU = ROCKSTAR -Jeff, from Virginia

"ridiculous awesomeness" -Eric Olsen

[click the link above with Eric's name to listen to his ridiculously awesome original song criticizing the TSA]

You so totally rock. -Myriah, from Kansas

You are a great American. -Nick, from California

Ahahahahahahahahaha WES... this is your best yet.
-Ross, from Kentucky

Wesley Messamore, editor of The Humble Libertarian just released this hot track.
-John Logan Jones,

You can view the video again below:

Please help me make this go viral in any way you can! Thanks.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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