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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ron Paul Launches 2012 Presidential Bid

I analyze at CAIVN: "His new found name recognition, formidable fundraising prowess, and robust political machine with a little more experience under its belt this time around could give Ron Paul the edge he needs to make a much more impressive showing in 2012. Additionally, Republicans not quite ready for his foreign policy views so soon after supporting George W. Bush might be warming up to a more critical, independent-minded look at the foreign policy which dominates both major parties' agenda in Washington. Just as the antiwar left has seemed quieter these last two years, with a Democrat sitting in the Oval Office, Republicans seem more willing to take a critical look at how the White House's military exploits affect our nation's safety-- and fiscal solvency."

Read my entire article at CAIVN.

EDIT (6:43 pm ET): Public Policy Polling has found that Ron Paul's net favorability rating in the key states of Iowa and New Hampshire is No. 2 against a field of potential Republican contenders, second only to Mitt Romney in New Hampshire and Mike Huckabee in Iowa. Hat tip to Memeorandum.

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