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Monday, April 25, 2011

Video: German Protestor Disrupts Muslim Rally in Frankfurt

So I'm not entirely sure about the back story to the following video, but my friend Eric over at The Libertarian Republican said he really, really wanted all his blogging buddies to share it. There appears to be a German woman protesting at what is a Muslim rally, outraged at what a speaker had just said:

Now I don't know what the speaker had just said, so I can't speak to whether the woman's outrage is justified. If, however, the following statements by Pajamas Media blogger Bryan Preston are true and the speaker was saying similar things, then yeah, it's good to see this woman speak up so passionately against what the speaker was saying:
"The gathering was in reaction to a rally held by Radical Muslim cleric Abu Ameena Bilal Philips in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Over 2,000 attended. Bilal Philips has made extreme anti-Gay remarks in the past, even calling for the 'the death penalty for proven homosexual acts.'"

But I just want to point out to you, that my friend Eric would like you to believe that this radical Muslim cleric's words represent all or most Muslims. He wants to constantly point your attention to radicals like this, but I'd like to know how many posts he's done about peaceful Muslim families that start businesses and create jobs. I just spent six weeks in Europe, much of it with Muslim immigrants from North Africa. I can tell you they are some of the kindest, most warm, hospitable, decent people I have ever met... and they absolutely do NOT hate our culture.

In fact, here is an excerpt from an email I sent to Eric recently in an exchange we had regarding Islam:

"As for your anecdotes about Muslims doing horrible things, I can give you an anecdote of Christians doing horrible things for every single one you give me of a Muslim being violent. Anecdotes prove nothing. They certainly do not justify making a sweeping generalization that all or most Muslims are violent or hate Western culture. If that were true, then tell me why so many Muslims wear blue jeans, drink Coca-Cola, and listen to Lady Gaga. I just spent six weeks in France hanging out with Muslims immigrants from North Africa. I spent more time with them than with native French Parisians. They watched Lady Gaga. They wore blue jeans. They listened to rap music. They were warm, welcoming, and kind. They did not spend their time thinking about how much they hated Western culture. They spent their time consuming Western culture with me."

Finally, I would like to add that the woman in the video asks, "Do you want Germany to be like those countries from which they all came?" The thing is, Germany already is like "those countries" with predominately Muslim populations. It's easy to label, categorize, and make sweeping generalizations. Our brains love to do it. They were designed that way-- or evolved that way-- whichever you prefer. But often, the world is more complex than our brains are equipped to deal with. Like Iran, Tunisia, or Turkey, Germany has radical fringe nuts obsessed with violence, race, creed, and ideology. It also has totally secular people on the other side. It also has totally secular nuts obsessed with violence and ideology. And it also has a large swath of "mainstream" people who mostly spend their time just worrying about what everybody else worries about-- money, romance, and health.

America has its crazies, just like those "God hates fags" people from the Westboro Baptist Church. But not all of us are that way. Most people don't wake up in the West thinking, "God I hate gay people so much!" They wake up worrying about their jobs and their families. Do any of you reading this honestly think your average citizen of Iraq is any different? Do you honestly think 80 or even 51% of the people who live in predominately Muslim countries just walk around thinking, "God I hate Christians and liberal Western tolerance for Lady Gaga so much!" Or do you think that most of them probably just worry about their jobs and families like you do?

So I've shared this video with you. Eric said he wouldn't mind my commentary. If the speaker that angered this woman was calling for violence against homosexuals or Jews or anyone at all, then I'm glad the woman spoke out against that kind of mentality. The thing is, people like me and other "Paulists" or "left-libertarians" as Eric likes to deride us, who speak out against radicals in our own country who call for violence against people who are guilty of having oil and darker skin than us (hint: I'm talking about the neocons Eric likes), when we speak out against such radicals-- we are being just like the woman in the video who inspires Eric so much.

Wes Messamore,
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