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Friday, May 27, 2011

Allen West Patriot Act Vote: No

Though there are a few things about Freshman Congressman Allen West (R-FL) that worry me, I have to give the man credit where credit is due. He courageously voted "No" on the so-called "Patriot" Act extension yesterday:

'When Rep. Allen West said in his weekly newsletter that he was going to make a "careful assessment" on the Patriot Act extensions, it sounded like we could already pencil him in for a "yes" vote -- especially since he just recently voted for the 90-day extension.

It appears he was actually being serious about considering a vote against it.

West joined only 30 other House Republicans in voting "no" on extending three provisions in the Patriot Act...'

Allen West said this about his Patriot Act vote:

"I have spent the past two months investigating these provisions to the PATRIOT Act, their effect on American citizens and their impact on apprehending terrorists to better keep our country safe. After much reading, many briefings, and conversations with local law enforcement and federal agents, including FBI Director Robert Mueller, I am not fully convinced that by extending these provisions for four years, we would be any safer, but instead I fear they may only give us the illusion of being safer."

Mad props to Allen West for doing what any self-described Tea Party supporter should do, which is vote against bills that threaten our great American tradition of liberty, rule of law according to the Constitution, restraint on the powers of the executive, and due process for all Americans.

Jack Hunter remarked of West on his Facebook page:

"Here's the exact opposite of Mitt Romney-a politician who changes his mind based on investigation and reflection instead of political opportunism. There is no obvious political benefit for West in doing this. Good for him. Take note conservatives."

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