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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Closet Libertarians in the GOP

Remember last Spring when Rand Paul made his civil rights "gaffe" questioning parts of the Civil Rights Act that affected private business practices before quickly retreating from this position?

Many of you may argue my extraordinarily late analysis on this. But, at the time, I assumed he was told this simply wasn't a battle worth fighting right now, and to publicly move to the more populist view - strictly for political reasons.

So, here's my question. Could there be other closet libertarians in the GOP?

Recalling this circumstance from my now favorite Senator made me curious if any of the other GOP nomination "front runners" might be intellectually empathetic believers in the libertarian cause, and simply don't see it as a winnable platform to run on.

Perhaps I shouldn't care. Perhaps I should let their awful records and incredibly inconsistent talking points speak for themselves. But as someone who is desperate for the Republican Party to regain some sort of intellectualism, it would at the very least, make me a bit happier.

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