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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Electing Romney to repeal ObamaCare would be like electing Dick Cheney to get us out of Iraq

Setting aside whether or not you actually want us out of Iraq: if you did, would you elect Dick Cheney President in 2012 to do it?? No? Would you elect John Edwards to fix America's divorce and infidelity problems? Would you elect Ann Coulter to improve the partisan tone in Washington? Would you elect Jesse Jackson to heal America's racial wounds? Would you elect Richard Nixon to end warrantless wiretapping? Would you elect Jimmy Carter to fix gas prices? Would you elect Ted Kennedy to keep Americans off the bottle? No??

Then who in their right mind would be so incredibly gullible as to think Mitt RomneyCare would be the right guy for the Republicans to nominate in 2012 so that he can repeal ObamaCare??

Mitt Romney to speak on health care Thursday

The Hill reports:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will deliver a major speech Thursday on healthcare in his native state of Michigan.

Romney will make a presentation at the University of Michigan's cardiovascular center laying out his plan to repeal President Obama's healthcare reform and presumably address one of his own political liabilities: the healthcare reforms he signed into law as governor of Massachusetts.

Hat tip: Memeorandum.

PS: Just how did RomneyCare turn out in MA?

It dramatically increased wait times, and-- in a sad irony-- actually decreased access to health services in Massachusetts, according to a Reuters report:

(Reuters) - Almost everyone in Massachusetts has health insurance under a state mandate, but many doctors do not accept the subsidized insurance programs available to low-income residents, a new study shows.

Residents in some areas also face long waits in getting doctors' appointments, or find that overstretched primary care practices are not taking on new patients.

"Insurance coverage doesn't equal access to care," said Alice Coombs, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society and an emergency room physician.

Massachusetts' healthcare program was introduced five years ago by then-governor Mitt Romney, a Republican now expected to run for president in 2012 after falling short in 2008.

The state's program is often regarded as a model for President Barack Obama's 2010 healthcare reforms. Conservatives have criticized Romney for his support of the state's plan, although he has said it was designed for Massachusetts and would not work as a national plan.

One 2009 study found (read the whole study here):

-The primary care specialties of family medicine and internal medicine are in short supply for the fourth consecutive year.

-The percentage of primary care practices closed to new patients is the highest it’s ever been as recorded by the Medical Society.

-7 of 18 specialties studied have been classified in short supply, 5 fewer than last year.

-The specialty of obstetrics and gynecology was found to be in short supply for the first time in the eight years of conducting the analysis, adding to primary care difficulties.

-Recruitment and retention of physicians remains difficult, especially at community hospitals and especially with primary care.

Hat tip: Left Coast Rebel.

In other words, RomneyCare has been a train wreck. Absolutely no person applying for a job in the real world who had this kind of record on a key competency required by the job would ever be employed. Why trust Mitt Romney now? Just because he says he'll make things better? Of course he says that! He wants to get elected. Let's evaluate him on his record. He fouled up health care in his own state, and he's liable to do it again to the rest of us if Republicans are stupid enough to nominate him.

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