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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hilarious Video: The Royal Wedding Abridged

Hey does anyone remember the royal wedding??? No? I absolutely LOVE what a slow news cycle we were in when the bin Laden story broke. All you heard about was this royal wedding in the United Kingdom until you were bored to tears of it.

I can just imagine some journalist sitting in a news room late that fateful Saturday night thinking, "Dear GAWD, this is a slow news cycle! Is this all we have to report on? I wish they'd finally catch bin Laden or something so we can actually report on something."

Then he glances at his watch and notices it's 11:11 pm (and as everyone knows-- that's when you make wishes!), and suddenly hears his colleagues shouting, "They GOT HIM! They KILLED BIN LADEN!"

Anyway, if you missed the royal wedding and would like to watch a hilarious condensed version of it (and I mean this is really funny), I have posted it below.

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