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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How The Tea Party Lost In Kentucky

It hurts me to write this post and it's a real shame that Phil Moffett's last name isn't Paul. One week ago, the Tea Party candidate in Kentucky's off-year gubernatorial race came heart-wrenchingly close to securing the Republican Party's nomination to face off against the Democrat in the general election.

Despite being outspent by his more establishment opponent by 10-1, Phil Moffett was only 7% of the votes away from winning, a simple swing of less than 4% from one to the other would have made the difference. Phil Moffett would almost certainly have defeated his Democratic opponent in the general election and become the most Tenth Amendment-abiding governor our republic has.

Corie Whalen has all the gory details in a thorough analysis here if you have the stomach to read them. In the end, all this means is that if the Liberty Movement had raised just a little more money for Phil Moffett (and we're good for it, Ron Paul's coffers are certainly ringing with some coin right now) to help him travel the commonwealth of Kentucky a little more, buy a few more ads, send out a few more mailers-- we could have sparked off a Tenth Amendment revolution in this country.

I adore the Paul family. Ron and Rand Paul are some of the greatest leaders our Republic has. I believe with all my mind and heart that Rand Paul will be president some day and I eagerly await the day. I think Ron Paul has a pretty realistic shot at it, and I am working hard for that outcome. But we as a movement HAVE GOT to let go of the kind of Paul worship that results in neglecting the strategic use of our resources to help great candidates in close races across the country who weren't blessed with Paul as a surname.

We went through this same exercise in futility and careless neglect with B.J. Lawson, who lost his most recent congressional election in North Carolina by a maddening margin. He, like Moffett, was in play, a real contender with a real chance at winning, if only we had raised just a little less for the Paul family and a little more for Lawson.

We're a young movement. We will make mistakes. We will lose battles. We will have lessons to learn, and some will be bitter. I'm writing this as much to myself as to all of you readers. I should have and could have done more for both of these candidates here at The Humble Libertarian in terms of getting the word out that and driving activism for these excellent Republicans.

Let's resolve not to make this mistake again.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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