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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newt Gingrich Flip Flops: Republican Primary Voters Have No Reason To Trust Him

Oh yeah, it's bad. Not only has Newt Gingrich taken back the criticism he recently made of Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare as "right wing social engineering," but Newt is now begging Democrats not to use his own quotes in ads to turn public opinion against Ryan's proposed reforms. Check it out:

Hat tip: Memeorandum.

Yglesias has it right:

Newt Gingrich is a sort of unusual figure in American public life in that quoting him accurately is sometimes considered to be a kind of smear.

Newt Gingrich campaign fights for its life

As Alexander Burns reports at Politico:

Even his supporters predicted Newt Gingrich’s mouth might knock him out of the presidential race.

But no one thought it would happen before his first real campaign trip to Iowa.

Now, Gingrich is urgently struggling to convince the political class that his 2012 hopes aren’t dead, amid an unending barrage of Republican attacks over his comments on the House GOP’s proposed Medicare overhaul.

Gingrich finally seemed to realize the seriousness of his political plight Tuesday, when he held three conference calls, made a personal apology to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and admitted in a Fox News appearance: “I made a mistake.”

Hat tip: Memeorandum.

The fact is, Newt Gingrich is excitable, volatile, politically-calculating, and you can't trust anything that comes out of his mouth-- mere hours later, he might be recanting it. If Newt Gingrich is flip-flopping on an issue (which he's obviously doing for political reasons) within the space of a couple short days, how can Republicans trust him to remain committed to any position for an entire four year term as president? Especially if it politically benefits him to abandon something he once said he supports?

Now in contrast to Newt Gingrich who flip flops positions in less than a week for political benefit, watch the following video of Ron Paul in 1988 and observe how firm he has remained in his principles and positions for over 20 years! With Ron Paul, you'll know what you're going to get. You'll know that you'll get a commitment to fiscal conservatism, limited government, individual liberty, and the Constitution:

EDIT: Check out this video of an Iowa voter staring daggers at Newt Gingrich while telling him he's "an embarrassment to our party" and asking "Why don't you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself?"

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