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Monday, May 9, 2011

#NotTheOnion - A Dutch resident visa application requires you to watch a film with nudity and homosexuality to make sure you're not offended

According to WorkPermit.com:

The Netherlands has introduced Europe's most stringent immigration requirements for would-be immigrants. Applicants for a resident visa must now pass a Dutch language test administered at the Dutch Embassy in their country of origin costing $417.

Along with the language exam, applicants will be tested on their compatibility with Dutch liberalism. This is done by way of a civil-examination, including a 108 minute film which includes homosexuals kissing and nudity in beach scene.

"According to polls, Dutch public opinion has been changing for years, with most people now in favour of the government's assimilation drive," said Meindert Fennema, a professor at the University of Amsterdam and a specialist on immigration.

Opponents of the new immigration exam say that the Dutch government is trying to offend and exclude devout Muslims from immigrating, and hault Muslim immigrants bringing wives over from their country of birth.

Weird huh? Hat tip: Reddit.

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