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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Pursuit of Productivity (Day 10)

So I swore off caffeine ten days ago. How long have I been off the wagon? Since five days ago. Yup. That lasted exactly five days. My productivity just suffered waay too much. It was a good run though.

The last straw (after headaches galore) was early this Monday when a friend of mine told me that it was good that I could recognize my desperate addiction to caffeine and try to give it up, but that I have a tendency to go to extremes (which is true), and that maybe instead of absolutely no caffeine-- which was killing my head and this blog-- that I should just tone it down from multiple energy drinks a day to one or two caffeinated soft drinks.

After that one can of Coca Cola Monday, I sat down and wrote 10 Reasons Why Ron Paul Can Win in 2012, one of my longest pieces in recent days, which now has over 1000 Facebook likes. Think about that. Think about 1000 people. Just visualize that many people standing in front of you. That's a lot of people. That many people had this article on their Facebook walls telling their friends, "Hey friends, you should take Ron Paul seriously. He really might win! Here's how..."

Maybe instead of going to extremes, I should spend my life in the pursuit of happy mediums: no abstinence from caffeine, but no more extra strength 5-hour energy drinks to jolt me awake in the mornings before reaching for a Red Bull either... just one 12 oz. can of sugar free Coke and all the blog posts I can write...

Warning explicit language:

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