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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Libya War Worsens: Is Anybody Surprised?

Even as President Obama is expected to announce a (merely symbolic!) troop reduction in Afghanistan (despite a record number of Americans favoring a quicker withdrawal), the situation in Libya, where the rogue Democratic president is waging an illegal war continues to worsen.

After admitting to an attack in Tripoli that killed at least nine civilians, NATO has admitted again (after initial denials) to at least 15 civilian deaths-- including three children-- in an air strike on a compound in Sorman just west of Tripoli. Journalists were admitted to the area where they captured shocking footage of the slain children's bodies.

Video footage of the slain children's remains has been published by Russia Today and I am featuring it below. Be forewarned, these images are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC and NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Instead of the tired old tripe that "the purpose of publishing this is to educate, not to shock or offend," I want to make it very clear that my purpose is to shock and offend you.

I hope that in viewing this footage, you will be shocked into the reality of the world that these victims live in, that you will be offended by Obama's illegal actions, and that you will be outraged enough to voice your opposition to your government and to the media which protects and lies for your government.

I remember spending an entire summer seeing the bodies of naked Iraqis on every news channel and the cover of every news magazine while a Republican presided over Washington's wars. Let's see if the establishment media has the integrity to give Mr. Obama the same treatment.

Here it is--
Libyan children killed by NATO bombs

It is no wonder that opposition to the war in Libya is growing among NATO member states. From a U.S. Constitutional point of view, what follows is a discussion by Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the legal merits (or utter lack thereof) of Obama's war in Libya:

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