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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ron Paul Closes in on $5M for the Quarter

When I interviewed Ron Paul earlier this month for the June 5th money bomb, I asked him if it would be better to donate as much as we can upfront instead of holding back for future money bombs. While showing concern for the finances of his supporters, Ron Paul agreed that more money earlier on helps make headlines and lend credibility to his presidential campaign.

Now as Ron Paul pushes for $5M by the end of this FEC fundraising quarter tonight at midnight (with less than a million left to go as of 6pm Eastern), he's making a stronger appeal on his campaign website, saying:

"Right now, every dollar is worth as much as five dollars later on. This is a critical moment in our Revolution, and I hope you can contribute as you can before the deadline. -Ron Paul"
So if you plan on holding back $100 for a future money bomb, if you can afford to do so right now in terms of your monthly finances, it'd be even better to give just $25 right now, today.

Today The Daily Paul linked to an article reporting just how hard Ron Paul is campaigning in New Hampshire this time around, which some of his supporters believe he neglected back in 2007-08. He is in this to win it, and mobilizing hard in early voting states like New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina. The more funds he can raise early on, the faster he can build momentum in these states, propelling him to a GOP victory and ultimately the White House!

This is our Revolution's moment in history! Take action right now and seize the day. The future belongs to those who would be free. You can make a secure donation at RonPaul2012.com.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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