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Friday, July 1, 2011

Poll: In Texas, Obama would beat TX Gov. Rick Perry and Sarah Palin, but lose to Ron Paul

How's that for electability? In the very state where Rick Perry is governor, he would lose to President Obama... but Texas Congressman Ron Paul would win, according to a recent poll. Seriously. And Texas, a red state if there ever was one, would actually vote for Obama over Sarah Palin in a general election according to the poll, but again, Ron Paul would best the Democratic president in the Lone Star State.

Even in Texas: Ron Paul is more electable than Sarah Palin. So here's the question, Republicans (I'm talking to you if you're one of those who keeps saying we should be willing to compromise and elect a Romney or Pawlenty even if they're not perfect because anyone is better than Obama, and the GOP needs to win)-- are you willing to compromise a little and pick Ron Paul to win freaking Texas? If so, don't let me catch you talking up Sarah Palin. If not, shame on you. You don't really care about winning or beating Obama even if it means compromise. You just love war. You might as well stay home during the Republican Primary and vote for Obama in the general election. He'll keep waging your expensive, pointless wars.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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