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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Republican Talking Points: Democratic Hypocrisy

It's that time again. The beginning of debate season. Where you sit in your living room, mouth gaping at the TV screen, absolutely frustrated at the ignorance, ineloquence and politically sissy responses spouted off by Republican candidates.

Doesn't it make you wish you could write their responses for them? Rather than giving the "politically safe" answer, you could actually try convincing people of both the moral and effectual justifications for liberty?

So, here's a game I'd like to call "Republican Talking Points". I pose a talking point that aims for the heart of an issue. You argue its effectiveness, or propose how to rephrase it to win hearts and minds. Let's have at it:

"Roughly half the American populace currently votes for Democrats and Democratic policies that believe in the role of government as 'collective citizenry' to support the welfare state in order to prevent mass poverty. Yet, these same voters believe that without these specific welfare policies in place, the half of the populace that so deeply believes this would still allow this poverty to occur. Either these individuals are afraid of something ridiculous, or confident in their own hypocrisy."

Eric Olsen,
Regular Columnist, THL
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