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Friday, July 29, 2011

What if I told you...

...that this Monday I'm going to publish a fully revamped, revised, and updated version of the Humble Libertarian classic post, "A List of Obama Bush Comparisons, 10 Ways Barack Obama is just like George W. Bush?"

I hinted at it this past Monday, but haven't been able to complete it this week. This coming Monday however, at 7:00 am Eastern, the new, fully-revised, totally-revamped, entirely-updated, and completely-comprehensive list of Obama / Bush comparisons will be published here at The Humble Libertarian, and I do hope to have your help in spreading it around to open a lot of people's eyes.

The importance of this undertaking is to help people who detest Obama to see that he is no different than President Bush, forcing them to understand that a president with an "R" next to their name isn't good enough, we need a president with principles. At the same time, and perhaps more urgently, the project will help people who (somehow) love Obama, but probably despise Bush to see how their beloved Obama is no different at all from the Bush they rightfully detest.

The result is cognitive dissonance for partisans on both side, and the only way to resolve that dissonance without ignoring the undeniable reality of the remarkable similarities between these two presidents, is to embrace a philosophy of government that opposes the very thing that these two administrations have in common at their core-- the consolidation of power in Washington at an unprecedented level and at breakneck speed. Washington must not be allowed to continue to grow in power and influence unrestrained.

That's where the libertarian movement comes in...

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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