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Friday, July 29, 2011

YAL's National Convention a Success! Keep the mini-bomb going!

Hey everybody! Being plugged into so many of my YAL friends' Facebook profiles, I've been hearing and seeing some cool things coming out of this convention. I have no doubt it was the best one yet. Here are a couple videos they've made about it so far:

As I announced Monday, I'd love for the community here at The Humble Libertarian to help Young Americans for Liberty cover the costs of this convention and continue its work identifying, recruiting, and training the nation's top youth liberty activists and preparing them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Check out that announcement here, and please give whatever you can! I haven't even bothered to ask Jeff (YAL's executive director) how much we've raised for YAL so far with the THL YAL "mini-bomb," because I know things are pretty crazy busy out there, but I'll get back to you guys with that information next week.

(Unless it's like embarrassingly low... I mean the goal is a modest $350, and I put down $70 of that this week, so if we don't even get close, I'm sure I'll just quietly not mention it next week. I'll probably just distract you from wondering how we did with a really juicy celebrity scandal story.)

Here's to YAL! Sorry I couldn't be there this year.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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