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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Conservative Voices Lauding Ron Paul

Last week, when I published a list of videos of ten major conservative voices saying great things about Ron Paul, one commenter didn't like that I included Rand Paul in the list, saying: "His son agrees with him? Were you just looking for a tenth person and threw that in there hoping no one would notice?"

I kinda definitely already addressed that in the article:

"Okay fair enough... this one's obvious. Though while possibly nepotistic, Rand Paul's endorsement of his father is also clearly grounded in their shared philosophy of Constitutional Conservatism and their principled application of it to law. It also carries weight as Rand Paul is one of the most visible leaders and successful candidates from the Tea Party movement in 2010."

But just to be clear, I certainly wasn't scraping the bottom of the barrel for a tenth conservative figure to include on the list. There were a lot of other voices I could have added, including Ronald Reagan, who made an official endorsement of Ron Paul during a congressional race in the eighties-- the only Reagan endorsement of any of today's GOP candidates. I just didn't include it because there's no video of him speaking the words, so it didn't fit with the rest of the post.

But here's what Ronald Reagan said:
(it's at the end of the ad)

In addition to Reagan, here are two more videos of respected conservatives saying great things about Ron Paul. I chose Rand Paul because he is a very respected conservative, and one of the most visible leaders of the Tea Party movement in Washington. If his father doesn't, I certainly believe that Rand Paul eventually will become president.

Anyways, here's Neil Cavuto:

"Congressman, you're a genius... you've been on with me so often... you could practically be my co-anchor."

And Joe Scarborough:

"When you hear him talk, he's an extremely impressive man... he's brilliant, and he practices what he preaches."

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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