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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Will Iran Nuke Limited Government?

Jack Hunter has the right idea about Iran:

To say that Iran having a nuclear weapon is a potential threat to its neighbors is one thing — to say that it is a threat to the United States is quite another. Yet, too many conservatives continue to confuse the two, or as the former head of the U.S. Central Command, retired Army General John Abizaid, explained in 2007: “I believe the United States, with our great military power, can contain Iran … Let’s face it — we lived with a nuclear Soviet Union, we’ve lived with a nuclear China, and we’re living with nuclear powers as well …”

Gen. Abizaid then put the notion of a potential nuclear Iran into even clearer context:

Clearly the development of a bomb in Iranian hands will cause other nations in the region to move in a like direction, and in a very unstable region like that, that is not good news… [But the U.S.] can deliver clear messages to the Iranians that makes it clear to them that while they may develop one or two nuclear weapons, they’ll never be able to compete with us in our true military might and power.

Abizaid makes an important and glaring point — no nation can compete with America’s military might, especially not Iran.

Hat tip: Liberty Pulse

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