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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Perry Slumps, Christie Surges

Kudos to Humble Libertarian contributor Carl Wicklander for totally calling the demise of Rick Perry's candidacy. Just hours before the Republican primary debate Thursday, I published a piece by Wicklander predicting the implosion of Perry's candidacy:

"But the clock is ticking on Perry because he faces the possibility of flaming out Fred Thompson style.

Four years ago the actor and former senator was supposed to be the savior for disgruntled conservatives. But Thompson waited and waited and by the time he entered the race he was in over his head. He didn’t have even a rudimentary grasp of the issues and all the other candidates pounced on him for all the preferential treatment he received when he wasn’t yet running. Now the man who would have been president is doing reverse mortgage commercials."

Then after Thursday's debate, the blogosphere was unequivocal in its criticism of Perry's debate performance. He bombed:

"The conservative commentariat spoke with near-unanimity Friday on Rick Perry’s debate performance: The Texas governor didn’t just lose, he bombed.

Meanwhile, The Politico also reports:

"Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s candidacy has failed to clear a basic bar with elites and some donors, and his shoddy debate performance in Orlando has only highlighted the window for someone who Republicans searching for a Mitt Romney alternative can rally around."

This in an article that says Perry's slump has rocketed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie back into the spotlight as he reconsiders running for the GOP's nomination. If that ends up happening, I predict that Christie's candidacy will bomb for the same reasons that Wicklander predicts Perry's crash and burn... only the disadvantages and their effects this late in the game will be even more pronounced.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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