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Thursday, September 1, 2011

This is how Ron Paul's movement is changing the country. This is how libertarians are winning.

The Federal Reserve was once content to be the giant elephant in the room that nearly everyone ignored. Few were questioning what the Fed was doing behind closed doors, let alone the mere existence of the central bank. But the rise of the Ron Paul phenomenon over the past few years has finally brought U.S. monetary policy under the spotlight where it belongs. It’s time for a full comprehensive audit of the Fed.

The Fed has been forced to open some of their books twice this year. Both times top Fed officials claimed that releasing their loan information to the public would cause “severe and irreparable competitive injury” to borrowing banks. That poor excuse sure did signal that the Fed has a lot to hide. The central bank is more powerful than Congress, yet has less accountability than even the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). That kind of power and privacy is dangerous in the hands of an institution that has a complete monopoly over our money supply.

Did you read that? This is how we're changing the country. This is how Ron Paul and his supporters are winning. We are changing the conversation. And pretty soon, we're going to start changing policy because of it. Read the rest of the article at Forbes.

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