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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Occupy Wall Street Demands That Make Sense

This is the list of Occupy Wall Street Demands that protesters should be making:

Speaking truth to power at an Occupy Wall Street protest, this orator (F-bomb warning) tells the Occupy Wall Street crowd exactly what they need to hear, explaining that if we really want to reign in the power of the bloated and corrupt financial sector, restoring prosperity and freedom to the rest of us in working class America, that we must give the regime in Washington LESS, not more power over our economy, because they will only ever use their power to benefit the elite 1%, not the rest of us.

In contrast to one ineffectual, haphazard list of confused demands by some of the Wall Street Occupiers, this speaker's prescription for reform would decisively strike at the heart of the financial sector's ill-gotten gains and the destructive means by which it attains them. In this alternative list of Occupy Wall Street Demands, the speaker calls for:

1. Localism: Limit the size, role, and influence of the federal government in Washington, returning most of Washington's powers to people on a local level where they belong, because it is easier to keep local government accountable to the people than it is to keep Washington accountable. Instead of grand powers to transfer large amounts of wealth, which are inevitably used to transfer that wealth from the poor and middle class to the large corporations that lobby for it, Washington should be restricted to a mostly national defense role.

2. No more bailouts: The federal government should just stop taking money from hardworking Americans and giving it to irresponsible corporations on Wall Street to reward them for bad decisions. This is actually something the Tea Party protesters have been saying since 2009, a few months after the Democratically-controlled Congress passed the Wall Street bailout (do you seriously trust them to look out for your best interests?).

3. End the Fed: The bailouts were paid for by money printed at the Federal Reserve bank. The open-ended wars overseas are paid for by money printed at the Fed, which ends up in the hands of companies in military industrial complex and their investors on Wall Street. The trillions of dollars in debt that hard working Americans pay taxes to service are the result of runaway lending by the Federal Reserve bank. Inflation caused by all this dollar printing is class warfare against middle and lower class families with bills to pay.

4. End the Wars: With bin Laden killed and most of Al-Qaeda eliminated, it's time to end the wars and bring the troops home. They got the job done. It's time to declare victory and bring them back. There is no reason to make American troops remain in harm's way overseas to fight foreign civil wars, except to line the pockets of war profiteering companies and their shareholders at the expense of hardworking American taxpayers and courageous American soldiers. Want to see more jobs? It's time for America to make stuff, not war.

Now I'll let you hear the speaker's demands for yourself. He makes a stirring case for them (though I should warn people viewing at work that he uses a few F-words):

Wes Messamore,
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