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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mitt RINO's RomneyCare Legacy

Over at the Left Coast Rebel blog, guest blogger Right Klik has compiled a truly revealing and thorough list of links to excellent information about the absolutely horrendous results of Mitt Romney's signature legislation as governor of Massachusetts-- "RomneyCare," a bill that socialized the state's medical industry and formed the model for Barack Obama's overhaul of the entire country's health care.

Among the facts that RightKlik provides:

And there's so much more!

Someone please explain to me how this guy is a top contender for the Republican Party's nomination instead of kicked out of the party to join the Democratic Party where he'd be more at home? Either a lot of Republicans have lost their freaking minds or I have. Oh yeah, and how is Romney a top contender for the GOP's nomination with a record like this, but Ron Paul's "too liberal" or "too extreme" to support?

Wes Messamore,
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