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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey folks!

1. I hinted a couple times last week that there would be a super epic post this week. Those of you who have been following along pretty closely might have noticed that there wasn't anything on the blog this week that you might describe as "super epic." It's taking me a lot longer than I had predicted to get this thing together, but I am hoping to open with it this coming week either on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

2. I already announced this week that I am revising my website's list of Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites. I've already gotten some great comments and suggestions on my announcement post. Please share it around and leave suggestions of your own if you feel so called! I want to make this the best iteration of the list yet!

3. There's still a contest going until the end of this month for the best Occupy-style notepad rant against the Federal Reserve, and the winner will receive 1 oz. of fine silver! Hurry and do it this weekend so you don't forget! Details here.

4. As per the last two weekends, I'm not likely to get much content up on the blog until Monday. I'm working on this epic post as aforementioned and I'm also putting together one of the most important "job" applications of my short career. You'll be hearing more about that soon as well. Now here's a question: have you enjoyed the open thread posts I've done? Should I put up another one for you to share your own news stories, questions, and commentary?

I had this one idea while trying to wake up this morning (I find I have a lot of ideas in that half conscious state when my brain is still loose and free-associating, but with just a dash of conscious focus and enough of the right hippocampus activity for me to remember my ideas) that I'd call a sort of "open-thread scavenger hunt." I'd list like ten things to find, and you fine folks would find and share them. For instance: One link to a good story from the last three days about the Federal Reserve, one solid editorial explaining why the OWS protests are a good thing from a libertarian perspective, on solid editorial explaining why the OWS protests are a bad thing from a libertarian perspective, one hilarious YouTube video, one non-political website that mentions Ron Paul, and one good picture of any politician or group of politicians that would make a good caption contest.

Anyways, just a thought. Let me know what you think. Anyways, that is all I've got for ya today! If enough people seem to want the open thread, or even the dream-inspired scavenger hunt thread, I'll get it up there soon. Thanks for all your support. I'm taking this blog in some pretty exciting directions over the next few weeks.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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