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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday News: The Good, The Bad, The Bloody

Pictured above: a shoplifter lies unconscious in a pool of his own blood after a police officer bashed his face into the ground. Eyewitnesses say the man was peacefully cooperating with his arrest.

Black Friday 2011: Police Brutality in Buckeye Arizona

The video description says: "Man put two games under his shirt because his grandson got knocked down and hurt in the rush and he needed his hands to help his grandson. A cop saw and immediately arrested him for shoplifting. The man was cooperating while the cop was putting on the handcuffs. The cop out of no where tripped the man and bashed his head nose first into the ground knocking him out and there is blood everywhere. The cop did not know how to care for the man so someone that was there shopping had to help get blood out the mans airways."

Woman pepper sprays other shoppers in L.A.

Violence marred Black Friday shopping in at least seven states, including California, where police say a woman doused fellow shoppers with pepper spray in a bid to snag a discounted video game console.

The incident happened Thursday night at a Walmart in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles, said Officer Robert Chavira, a police spokesman.

Ten people were exposed to the spray. Los Angeles firefighters treated them at the scene and no one required hospitalization, Chavira said.

The woman sprayed the crowd as people were grabbing for Xbox video game consoles, Los Angeles Police Detective Gus Villanueva said.

The suspect was able to pay for her purchases and leave the store before police arrived, Chavira said. [source]

Dow, S&P Log Worst Thanksgiving Week Since 1932

Stocks closed in negative territory in thin, shortened trading Friday as investors were reluctant to go long ahead of the weekend and amid ongoing worries over the euro zone.

The Dow and S&P posted their worst Thanksgiving week since the Great Depression on a percentage basis. [source]

"Black Friday Is Utterly Meaningless"
[Readers, pay attention to this one -WEM]

You'd never know it from the media coverage, but Black Friday sales are essentially meaningless noise in the U.S. economy.

You know the economy and stock market are in deep trouble when the Mainstream Media elevates one essentially meaningless metric to "The One Meaningful Statistic" and then trumpets it slavishly. One such meaningless metric is Black Friday.

The Media has glommed onto Black Friday for a number of flawed reasons, number one being the MSM's ceaseless drive to reduce all complex problems down to something that can be expressed in a sound-bite voiceover and a video clip of a crowded mall.

The MSM loves binaries: two parties, two final contestants, and if Black Friday is "good," i.e. sales exceed last year's consumerist bacchanal, then the economy is "healthy." Any weakening of the consumer's lemming-like drive to buy, buy, buy means the economy is "weak."

This is of course absolutely backward: consumers buying shiploads of poor-quality crap made overseas means the economy is still on the slippery slope to implosion, as debt is being used to fund consumption while capital formation (savings) remains pathetic. [source]

Man Tazed at Florence, Alabama Wal-Mart

Florence, AL - Florence Police say they had to use a taser to get an unruly customer under control during Black Friday shopping.

It happened just before midnight at the Wal-Mart off Cox Creek Parkway.

Investigators tell WAAY 31 that 22 year old Christopher Blake Pyron was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to police, Pyron was stumbling and grabbing items and causing a scene in the busy store. An officer tried to get Pyron to calm down, and tried to take him somewhere less crowded. According to investigators, Pyron jerked away and swung at the officer. At that point, the officer grabbed his taser and shot Pyron, taking him to the ground. [source]

Occupy Wall Street Boycotts Black Friday

Occupy Wall Street-inspired protesters are eyeing a new target -- Target. And dozens of other companies.

A campaign under the name "Occupy Black Friday" is trying to enlist supporters to boycott just about every major retailer, and quite a few mid-sized ones, the day after Thanksgiving. The protesters are casting a wide net, urging people to demonstrate against the top retail stores -- a list that includes everything from Wal-Mart to Target to Dick's Sporting Goods to Dollar Tree.

"The idea is simple, hit the corporations that corrupt and control American politics where it hurts, their profits," the group's Facebook page reads, describing Black Friday as the "one day where the mega-corporations blatantly dictate our actions." [source]

Tea Party Organizes BUYCott Black Friday

Anti-Occupy Wall Street" groups are taking on the protesters of "Occupy Black Friday" with "BUYcott Black Friday."

Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America, a Tea Party coalition of groups countering the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, are challenging the latest move by Occupy Wall Street protesters to occupy or boycott publicly traded retailers on Black Friday by instead encouraging consumers to shop on Black Friday to help the economy recover.

"At a time when our economy is most fragile and ratings agencies are talking about another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, it's completely irresponsible for Occupy Wall Street to attempt to bring the U.S. economy to a halt on the busiest shopping day of the year," Liberate organizer and a spokesman for the Tea Party, John Sullivan, stated in a press release. [source]

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