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Friday, November 4, 2011

Have the Sexual Harassment Allegations Actually Helped Herman Cain?

The Washington Post reports:

Cain rises in Post-ABC poll despite scandal; most Republicans dismiss allegations

Businessman Herman Cain and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney are running nearly even atop the field of 2012 GOP presidential hopefuls, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows, with most Republicans dismissing the harassment allegations that over the past week have roiled Cain’s campaign...

The poll was conducted Oct. 31 through Nov. 3, starting the evening after Politico first reported the harassment allegations. Support for Cain was basically steady over the four nights of interviewing, even as new charges against him surfaced.

Nearly a quarter of all Republicans and GOP-leaning independents now back Cain as the party’s nominee, his best showing in Post-ABC polls this year, and up significantly from early October. At 23 percent nationally, Cain is neck-and-neck with Romney (24 percent) atop the GOP field.

Hat tip: Memeorandum

I think the whole scandal has helped him so far. We'll see what happens if and when one of the accusers speaks out publicly, but so far many Republicans aren't taking the allegations seriously, helping Cain garner sympathy as Republicans rally around one of their own who they perceive as being slandered by the mainstream media.

But most importantly, these allegations have distracted voters from the most important reasons why Herman Cain should not be the Republican nominee. He supported TARP. His top choice for president in 2008 was Mitt Romney. And he's just waay too friendly with the Federal Reserve Bank.

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