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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I KNEW IT! Herman Cain's entire candidacy is just performance art! Seriously.

My roommate and I have been joking for weeks now that Herman Cain's candidacy must be a big joke on all of us. There's no way he can be for real. The Pokemon situation. The SimCity thing. Then that bizarre ad where Herman Cain's campaign manger blathers into the camera before taking a deep drag on a cigarette and then Herman Cain creepily takes longer to break into a smile than the entire duration of Kim Kardashian's marriage.

Rachel Maddow's got it all figured out though. That wasn't a creepy smile. It was a knowing smile. It was a "Ha ha, we're still fooling you" smile. This entire candidacy isn't serious. It's performance art. It has to be. Just look at the preponderance of evidence that Maddow amasses in the video below. Please watch the whole thing. Frankly, I feel like I can stop blogging today after this. This is all you need to see today. I've been joking that Herman Cain will eventually come out and tell us all we've been punk'd, but now I'm seriously starting to think we really have been: