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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Libertarian Talking Points: Department of Education

In this series called "Libertarian Talking Points," we pose a talking point that aims for the heart of an issue - avoiding the "politically safe" answer to actually try and convince people of both the moral and effectual justifications for liberty.

You argue its effectiveness, or propose how to rephrase it to win hearts and minds.

If a gotcha attempt occurs, questioning a candidate's belief in the elimination of the Department of Education...
"I'm afraid you're confusing the elimination of the Department of Education with the elimination of education itself. The Department of Education didn't come into existence until 1980.
And its removal would eliminate the guidelines, requirements and mandates that prevent individual states, districts and schools from implementing pedagogical tactics they believe might create dramatic improvements in learning. Now, if you are able to present me with evidence that the Department of Education has improved education standards in the slightest since its inception 30 years ago, I would be more than happy to reconsider my proposal. But then you must also convince me that this annual cost of $77.8 billion dollars is the single greatest use of that funding in terms of improving our children's education."

Eric Olsen,
Regular Columnist, THL
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