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Monday, November 14, 2011

#MovieMonday - Ten Libertarian Movies

I’ve put together a list of ten movies that have always struck me as having libertarian themes. These are worth watching with your friends and local libertarian activist groups (such as your Young Americans for Liberty chapter or Liberty on the Rocks group among others) to have some fun and an opportunity for discussion afterward. You’d be surprised how many movies have subtle (or even not-so-subtle) libertarian ideas in them. Here are the first ten that came to my mind as I briefly brainstormed for this post:

1. V for Vendetta

Duh, right? When compiling a list of libertarian movies, who wouldn’t think of V for Vendetta first? A masterful work of art with layer upon delightful layer of symbolism, this dystopian film, like the graphic novel it was based on, tells the story of a man who enlists the public and its imagination in his fight against England’s vast and powerful police state. The movie and its trademark Guy Fawkes mask have become cultural icons that resonate deeply in libertarian circles.

Read the rest at The Silver Underground.

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