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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Myths Republicans Believe

There are myths in every election cycle. John F. Kennedy will take orders from the Vatican. George W. Bush will be just like his dad. Barack Obama will be post-racial.

Myths for 2012 have already been circulating for months, if not years. One of them is that if former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination large segments of the party will refuse to support him because he signed into law a health care overhaul that prefigured Obamacare. This myth would actually be humorous if so many people didn’t peddle it so seriously.

Just four years ago Romney was the conservative alternate to John McCain and earned the endorsement of National Review. How did it come to pass that Romney went from being conservatives’ best hope to conservatives’ last choice?

To Republican voters in 2008 Romney was preferable to McCain and McCain was preferable to Obama. Who seriously believes that Romney, who hasn’t held office in the intervening time and thus has not changed his record, is now less acceptable than Obama?

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Editor's note: This article is really good.

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